Economic Strategies Committee (ESC) Recommendations


High-Skilled People, Innovative Economy, Distinctive Global City

A vibrant and distinctive global city – open and diverse, the best place to grow and reach out to a rising Asia, and a home that provides an outstanding quality of life for our people. This is what the recommendations of the Economic Strategies Committee (ESC) aim to achieve for Singapore.

To sustain Singapore's development as well as ensure that growth is inclusive, the Committee recommends that we make skills, innovation and productivity the basis for economic growth. This will drive a broad-based increase in living standards for all our citizens.

The ESC has completed its work and has submitted the report of its key recommendations to the Prime Minister.

The Government has accepted the key directions set out by the ESC, and will provide its specific responses in the 2010 Budget Speech and the Committee of Supply (COS) Debates.

The ESC announced its key recommendations on 1 Feb 2010. Find out more on the press conference:

Below are the ESC's key recommendations and Sub-committee reports.

Main Committee Report
Sub-Committee Reports

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