Public Consultation On Avoidance Of Double Taxation Agreements (DTAs)

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1. The Ministry of Finance (MOF) invites comments on Singapore’s Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreements (DTAs).

2. The public is welcome to give comments on the review of existing DTAs with Bangladesh, Luxembourg, Pakistan, South Africa, and United Arab Emirates. MOF would also like comments on the public’s interest in Algeria, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Peru, Tajikistan and Venezuela for the purpose of expanding our treaty network. In addition, MOF welcomes feedback on how Singapore’s current network of DTAs can be improved to remain relevant to the changing circumstances.


3. The consultation exercise will be held from 23 April 2007 to 1 June 2007. Respondents are requested to submit their feedback via a questionnaire available on MOF website or a prescribed template.


4. For your convenience, the relevant information and document relating to this public consultation exercise can be found through the links below.

a. List of the DTAs in our DTA network and the full text of the DTAs.

b. Prescribed template for submission of comments (word).

Public Consultation