"I have therefore decided to make a distribution this year to share part of our surplus with Singaporeans. I will call this surplus sharing initiative the Progress Package (Providing Opportunities through Growth, Remaking Singapore for Success). This is a package for everyone, but it aims to achieve specific social objectives…"
  - Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong,
  Budget Statement 2006
The Progress Package is a surplus sharing initiative that will benefit all Singaporeans.
It comprises the following six schemes:
Growth Dividends
Share the Fruits of Growth with all Singaporeans
Top-ups to CPF Special/Retirement & Medisave Accounts
Help the Elderly meet Retirement and Healthcare Needs
Workfare Bonus
Reward Low-Wage Workers for Work
Opportunity Funds
Invest in the Next Generation
Utilities-Save, S&CC and Rental Rebates
Help Lower-Income Households with Living Expenses
40th Anniversary NS Bonus
Recognise the Contributions of our NSmen
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