Double Tax Deduction for Internationalisation

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The Double Tax Deduction Scheme for Internationalisation (DTDi) was introduced to provide support to businesses as they venture into the international markets. Under the DTDi scheme, businesses can claim up to 200% tax deduction on qualifying expenses for the following four activities without prior approval from Enterprise Singapore (ESG) or Singapore Tourism Board (STB) where applicable, capped at $150,000 per Year of Assessment (YA), with effect from YA 2019:
- Overseas business development trips and missions
- Overseas investment study trips and missions
- Overseas trade fairs
- Local trade fairs approved by ESG or STB
Businesses incurring qualifying expenses exceeding the cap, or on qualifying expenditure incurred on other qualifying activities can apply to ESG and STB.

In Budget 2015, the DTDi scheme was enhanced to provide greater support for businesses expanding overseas and create skilled jobs for Singaporeans. The DTDi scheme has been enhanced to include qualifying salary expenses incurred for employees posted overseas to an overseas entity, capped at $1 million per YA.

For more details, please refer to the information and circular found on ESG's website and STB's website.