Our Mission

Our mission is to create a better Singapore through Finance.

We focus on development, rather than control. As such, our goal is to collaborate with industry experts to make Singapore a world-class financial and business hub.

Given the rapid rate of technological development and a fast-moving environment, our regulatory policies and statutes must keep pace. Therefore, we actively review our rules to ensure they remain relevant to the business and financial environment through close consultation with industry experts and key stakeholders.

In designing regulatory policies, we consider all viewpoints, with priority given to Singapore's long-term interests. To establish Singapore as an international business and financial centre, we work to maintain international standards and best practices in areas such as:

  • Company law
  • Accounting standards
  • Corporate governance principles

Under the Mission Statement, the main regulatory statutes are:

  • Accountants Act
  • Accounting Standards Act
  • Business Registration Act
  • Companies Act
  • Limited Partnerships Act
  • Limited Liability Partnerships Act

Our Vision

A forward looking MOF that:

  • Advances leading ideas
  • Drives synergies across government
  • Ensures fiscal prudence and sustainability

Our Strategic Outcomes

Sound Public Finances

  • Optimally Managed Reserves - Managing our reserves to balance the present and future financial needs of Singapore
  • Fiscal Sustainability - Ensuring the Government’s fiscal sustainability in the medium to long term

Growth with Opportunity for All

  • Pro-growth Fiscal System - Promoting economic growth through the use of financial levers>
  • Pro-Community Fiscal System - Creating opportunities for a better life for all and building a strong community
  • Conducive Business Environment - Facilitating the growth of businesses and nurturing an entrepreneurial environment
  • Expand International Economic Space - Increasing opportunities for Singapore’s businesses globally

High-performance Government

  • Effective and Efficient Use of Resources - Allocating government resources to achieve Whole-Of-Government objectives and achieving maximal outcome with available resources
  • Accountability for Performance - Ensuring that government agencies are held accountable for the use of their resources
  • Integrated Government - Achieving service-wide synergies in policies, programmes, processes and systems
  • Government in Time for the Future - Anticipating future challenges and opportunities for the Whole-Of-Government and the nation