Multiple Career Paths

We believe in nurturing our employees and supporting their career development. We offer multiple career paths to help you to realise your potential and pursue a career that makes the best use of your skills, interests and knowledge.

Those with leadership potential will progressively assume greater supervisory and leadership responsibilities in their functional area.


Alternatively, those who wish to specialise in a chosen area will be trained and developed with the right skills to pursue their interests.

Talent Management

You will be deployed across a variety of job functions and will be regularly assessed and given opportunities for advancement based on your abilities. Our goal is to enhance your long-term development and employability through continuous upgrading of skills and knowledge.

Internal Rotation

We believe in keeping our employees engaged and interested, and variety is key. We offer opportunities for lateral job rotations within individual MOF agencies.


As part of your career development, you may be given opportunities for secondments to organisations such as GIC, MAS, Temasek, World Bank and more.

MOF Scholarship

Eligible officers will be offered scholarships to pursue local/overseas post-graduate studies.