Learning & Development Opportunities

Let us help you reach your full potential with a range of development courses and awards designed to help you be your best.

MOF Foundation Course

When you join us, you will attend an MOF Foundation course to induct you into the organisational culture. This will arm you with the core skills needed to work effectively. The course will also give you a good opportunity to meet other officers from different directorates and start to build your network.

Training and Development Opportunities

There are opportunities for rotation within MOF and even across the public service every three years for you to gain exposure and widen your experience in MOF.

Your training can take the form of on-the-job training, structured courses at the Civil Service College (CSC) or other institutions, conferences and seminars. You will also have opportunities to attend overseas seminars and conferences and to go on study trips.

MOF Scholarship

You may be selected to further your studies and enhance your professional skills through MOF's sponsorship of postgraduate degree courses or executive development programmes.

MOF Training Award

You can take advantage of our MOF Training Award, which is designed to support your continuous learning and educational upgrading. The award sponsors deserving officers who take the initiative to upgrade themselves. You may apply to get sponsorship for programmes such as Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor's Degree, Post-graduate Diploma and Master Degrees relevant to your work.

MOF Training Budget/Personal Development Fund

In MOF, you can use up to $100 per financial year to attend training courses that will contribute towards your self- rather than career development. These include enrichment courses related to art, music, dance or sports, e.g. yoga, language courses, cookery lessons, etc.