Career Opportunities

You want a rewarding career. We have one for you.

Working at the Ministry of Finance is a rewarding experience. Whatever your function, you will play a part in helping create a brighter, stronger and sustainable future for Singapore. A big responsibility indeed, but that's why we are looking for the best; people who are smart, creative and up for the challenge, and who really want to make a difference in the everyday lives of Singaporeans.

As a bright and talented individual, you need an organisation that caters to your diverse interests, skills and knowledge. We offer that flexibility by letting you choose the career track that helps you realise your potential. If you are a leader, we will give you greater responsibility within the management route. If you want to specialise, you will have the option to advance in your chosen field. Ultimately, we will give you the support you need to make the most of your life and your career. We do this because our people are our greatest assets.

Handy Tips

For a successful application, here's what you need to provide us:

  • Details of your university degree(s) or post-graduate qualifications
  • Details of your Diploma/'A' level and 'O' level exam grades
  • Details of your CCA, internships, scholarships awarded (if any)
  • Your nationality
  • The position(s) you're applying for
  • Your earliest start date

If you are a dynamic and motivated graduate, with a passion for shaping the future of Singapore and wish to make an impact in the lives of your fellow citizens, we welcome you to apply for any of our positions.

"The best thing about working at MOF is the emphasis on people development."
- Charmaine Yeong, Associate, Integrated Services

What We Look For

We value diversity, and recruit graduates across disciplines from top local and foreign universities. What we do look for is academic excellence within your chosen field, a clear demonstration of your leadership skills through extra-curricular activities and a passion for public policy.

We value the knowledge and experience that mid-career professionals bring. For candidates with relevant work experience, your salary and appointment grade will be commensurate with your experience. As we value diversity, we look for people from a wide variety of professions and industries. You can join us by specialising in a particular field to apply your experience, or try out a different portfolio in the Ministry as part of your personal career development.


What We Look For

We recruit from across all industries. Generally, we value most types of relevant working experience. However, for some portfolios, candidates with public sector experience or experience working in the finance sector (accounting/audit firms or banks) will have an advantage, and this will be indicated in our job requirements.

Discover what it is like working in this dynamic and fast-paced central Ministry and decide if MOF is the place for you to embark on your career.

As an intern, you can look forward to working on meaningful and challenging projects that contribute to our mission of creating a better Singapore through Finance.

Our 10-week structured internship programme will include networking sessions with senior management, bonding activities among interns and regular feedback sessions with your supervisor. You will also have the opportunity to share your ideas and make presentations directly to the senior management.

You will be assessed on your performance at the end of your internship. Provisional offers for full-time employment will be made to outstanding interns.

What Our Interns Say

Kim Yee Haun

Double Degree in Bachelor of Computing (Hon) and Bachelor of Business
Administration (Hon) National University of Singapore
Intern (Strategic Foresight Unit) May - July 2010

If you are reading this, you are probably looking for internships from many other places too, and if you only have time to read one line, here it is: MOF is a great place for internship!

The Work: Being the pioneering intern at a brand new unit (Strategic Foresight) is challenging as much as it is rewarding. Throughout the internship, I had the opportunity to attend discussions, seminars, and network with foresight practitioners within and outside the government. The work in Strategic Foresight is interesting as it encourages one to think creatively, read diligently, analyse current affairs and communicate ideas concisely and convincingly. There was autonomy to conduct research and I personally found the project meaningful and significant.

The People: The colleagues within MOF are warm, giving me more welcome treats than a new-comer would normally get. I have made many new friends in the 10-week stint, many of whom are fellow interns and we would go for lunch together. What I found most assuring was the support given by my supervisors, who are always approachable and earnest in offering guidance. Looking back, I am glad to have applied for an internship at MOF. It was an enriching and fun experience, and I'm sure it would be the same for you.


Chew Yi Ling

Bachelor of Business Administration – Accountancy (Hon) National University of Singapore
Intern (Corporate Income Tax) May – July 2010

My internship experience was a very enriching one. I definitely learnt a lot in my short stay in MOF. Through the course of my internship project, I learnt about the process of policy formulation and some of the considerations that go into policy making. My project also exposed me to the different ways that countries approach tax policy.

Attending tax policy department meetings was a valuable part of my internship experience. The meetings were very interesting and enabled me to further understand the work that MOF is doing. The meetings also opened my eyes to the challenges that public servants face (e.g. the need to balance the different trade-offs, thinking of other behavioural consequences).

I would like to thank MOF for giving me this wonderful opportunity to experience life in the public service, and would recommend this internship to all students out there.


Apply for an MOF Internship today

We recruit across disciplines; students from all faculties are welcome to apply.

For a successful application, here's what you need to provide us:

  • Details of your university degree(s) or post-graduate qualifications
  • Do include your academic details, such as GPA, and A/O Level grades, in your resume.

Selection Criteria

  • Final/penultimate year students from all disciplines pursuing their undergraduate or post-graduate studies from recognised universities are encouraged to apply.
  • Excellent academic results and active involvement in extra-curricular activities.
  • Available for a minimum of 10 weeks in Summer or 4 weeks in December.
  • Please submit your application via the internships@gov and/or careers@gov portals by:
    • End February for the Structured Internship Programme
    • End October for the December Internship Programme

Internship Opportunities

  • Structured Internship Programme
    May – Aug (Minimum of 10 weeks)
  • December Internship Programme
    For graduating students
    Dec – Jan (Minimum of 4 weeks)